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Hammerstiel Robert
born 1933 in Werschetz/Banat


1933 Hammerstiel was born on February 18 to German immigrants in Werschetz,  Banat, in Romania. His father, a baker and icon painter, came from a simple  background, his mother from Banat´s upper class. 

1944 Soviet troupes and the Yugoslavian army march into Banat. Hammerstiel witnesses the expulsion and dispossession oft the german population. He himself deported to the Zichydorf concentration camp and his mother is abducted.

1947 Hammerstiel flies the camp and finally reaches Austria via Hungary.

1954 Naturalisation as Austrian Citizen. One year later he starts to work as steel founder

1959 He starts to study painting under Gerda Matjeka-Felden at the art school.

1968 First solo show in Vienna

1974 First solo exhibition in Berlin.

1984 Granted the title of Professor by the Federal President of Austria, Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger

1988 Exempted from the bread job.First visit to New York on the occasion of a solo exhibition. A new colourful style now emerges.

1998 Series of exhibitions on his 65th birthday. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn visits studio. First meeting with Prof. Rudolf Leopold.

2002 Hungarian Knighthood for Culture. Golden Cross of Honour for services to the State of Lower Austria.

2006 Exhibition "Images by a contemporary witness" at Leopold Museum in Vienna.

2008 Exhibition "Das Sakrale Werk" in the Kollegien-Kirche in Salzburg

2010 Opening of the "Museum Robert Hammerstiel" in Werschetz/Banat